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My career is medicine, pediatrics to be exact, but my passion is knitting. I firmly believe that she who dies with the biggest stash wins and I'm in contention! Not a fiber purist, but enough of a yarn snob to have turned my back on fun fur and all things Red Heart. Prefer wool and wool blends, love alpaca, rarely use cotton, NEVER linen. (Too ouchy!) I knit in the round whenever possible and will seam most relunctantly when there is no other option.

Me in a nutshell:

Circulars not straights, wood not aluminum, double-pointed not magic loop or two circulars, buttons not zippers, fair isle not intarsia, crochet steeks not machine sewed, toe-up not cuff down, Zimmerman not Fasset, Interweave Knits not Knitter's. I do stop to swatch, but never a 4"x4" and I'm too impatient to wash them. There are probably three or four UFO's in my stash and I will likely never go back to them - if it's worth finishing, I finish it the first time. Frequently in error, rarely in doubt!